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Nancy Means Wright is giving away three copies of her book, The Nightmare, to three winners. Sign up for Nancy Means Wright Book Give Away.  Click the banner, or interview link to enter and read Nancy's full INTERVIEW.

MLC: Nancy, thanks for joining us on Mystery Lovers Corner™. What started you writing mysteries?

AUTHOR: I read in a newspaper about two elderly farmers who distrusted banks and kept their money in barn coats, rafters, or under a mattress, but word got out and they were assaulted one night and left for dead. Fortunately they survived (barely) and were able to partially identify the two assailants. The latter were arrrested when they threw the cash (in 510 and 20 dollar bills) about in bars and restaurants, and the money reeked of barn. I thought it a great idea for a mystery and began Mad Season, with the assault in chapter one of the novel.   

MLC: Did you publish the first mystery you wrote?

AUTHOR:  Luckily, I did. I had already published five other books by then: a mainstream novel, two nonfiction books, a slim volume of poems, and a YA novel. But my agent had quit, so I turned my husband into one. I wrote the letters on stationery with his name, and he signed. After two rejections “we” landed a publisher: legendary Ruth Cavin from St. Martin’s Press, and I took him out to dinner for his fee.  When the second mystery came out from SMP I fired him and got a “real”agent.

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A RED, RED ROSE is a cross genre cozy mystery and Southern Gothic novel.

20 year-old Ashby Overton spends the summer at her aunt and uncle's Revolutionary War era estate at Moore Mountain Lake in southern Virginia. A wannabe romance writer in search of her muse, Ashby also yearns to find out about her birth parents who died in an auto accident when she was two. Adopted by another aunt and uncle, she also hopes to discover family secrets that led to a rift with her southern relatives. Ashby discovers more than she bargained for, as she encounters an unpredictable ancestral ghost which leads her on a life and death chase as she searches for the truth.

Author: Susan Coryell 
Title: A Red, Red Rose 
Genre: Cozy Mystery-Gothic
Publisher: L & L Dreamspell
Formats: E-book (Kindle, Nook, and others); online print version, Barnes & Noble, Amazon
Price: $4.99 e-book
$13.95 print

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A young Los Angeles County Fire paramedic responds to a fatal accident. A woman’s foot has been severed. Who is she, and what happened to her foot?

 During a weeklong search, while he risks his career to find the victim’s identity and her missing foot, Colt Lewis visits the dark side of Los Angeles, an underworld of Goth fetishists and body parts dealers. He encounters a woman with a full upper body tattoo, a mysterious Chinese woman involved in stem-cell research, and a killer.

When he finally finds the foot and buries it in the San Gabriel Mountains, the paramedic brings closure to the woman’s death and resolves the absence of his mother who deserted him a decade earlier.

$14.95 each




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Timber Wolves Flood Rescue, Book One in the Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series by Lisa Loucks Christenson

While eating at the Findlay House café, Annie overhears a conversation by locals who have hired hunters to surreptitiously kill off the entire wolf pack. Within days, not only is a wolf found shot and another two trapped, but Annie hears men quarreling and guns fired—and later finds a man dead.

The harder Annie searches for answers to end this unlawful and ruthless slaughter of wolves, the faster she becomes entangled in this increasingly complex tangle of lies and betrayal. She soon finds herself a target of the men who kill for silence.

Just as Annie uncovers a plot to eradicate the remaining wolves at all costs, a late-season snowstorm makes it nearly impossible to track down the answers to her questions. Shortly afterward, however, an unexpected thaw leads to the devastating flooding that further complicates the search for the killers.

It will take every trace of wildlife refuge officer Mason Banks’ instinct to rescue Annie from the flood of trouble that comes when she alone sets out to protect a family of wolves—all amid lies, murder and floodwaters.

This is Book One in Lisa Loucks Christenson's Wolves of Whitewater Falls, Minnesota Series.

A nanowrimo.org 2009 Winner

$14.95 each

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